Trăm Phần Trăm

Pronounced [ cham-phun-cham ]

A Vietnamese phrase meaning 100% but also a slang term in Vietnamese meaning bottoms up.

Trăm Phần Trăm, a collection of Asian-inspired syrups that will transform your creations.
Each bottle captures the essence of Asian flavors and culture.

Hi, I'm Thi

I'm a full-time public health employee during the day and a part-time bartender in the DMV area at night—talk about living a wild double life, am I right?

Since 2018, I have actively participated in various cocktail competitions, representing my craft and earning recognition on a national scale.

These experiences have influenced my perspective as a bartender, inspiring me to share my story and infuse the essence of Viet Nam into the language of cocktails.

During my exploration of the cocktail syrup market, I noticed a striking absence—there was a noticeable lack of Asian flavors available. This realization ignited a deep passion within me to introduce the vibrant and diverse flavors of Asia to a wider audience, making them more accessible and approachable.

Trăm Phần Trăm has become my creative outlet, allowing me to passionately express my love for Asian cuisine and culture. With each syrup I craft, I combine my bartending expertise and creative flair to capture the very essence of these cherished flavors.

I'm driven by a deep-rooted belief that, much like food, drink has the power to connect people and bridge cultural gaps. Through Trăm Phần Trăm, I hope to inspire others to embrace the richness and diversity of Asian flavors & culture.

Giving Back to the Community

As part of our commitment, Trăm Phần Trăm will donate 10% of our profits to a carefully chosen non-profit organization each quarter.